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  The skete follows the rules of traditional monasticism centered on prayer and obedience.

 The day begins with Midnight Office in the skete chapel, followed by Divine Liturgy, which the nuns attend at Holy Trinity Monastery unless a priest serves at their chapel. After a rest period and breakfast, the sisters begin their work. Tasks include: candle making, the manufacturing of incense, icon painting, sewing, food preparation caring for the grounds, tending to their vegetable and flower gardens.

   Lunch is served at noon, followed by a short rest the sisters resume their obedience.  The day ends with vespers and Compline.

  Daily: 5 a.m - Midnight Office

           6 p.m  - Vespers and compline

Friday:  Akathist to the Mother of God (after Compline)

Sunday:  Akathist to the New Martyr Elizabeth (after Vespers)

Wednesday: Akathist to Saint Nicholas (after Vespers and Compline)

Monthly Calendar for Divine Liturgy
(Printing Instructions)

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